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To read or not to read...

It’s become that time of year where all of your non-book reading friends make new years resolutions to read 1 book this year *I know from experience that most of these friends do not read even one book and if they do it’s a picture book to their sibling*

However, this is not the conundrum that us bibliophile’s face is the summer holidays. The real question is to read all of our new shiny books from Christmas or to read our school books (this is especially for everyone in VCE) We know that we should get school books out of the way……but why would we waste time on those when there are so many adventures in space with Kady Grant, in a magical world with Simon Snow or go to university with Aled Last.

*Sabrina is all of the amazing fall vibes tbh*

So kids to wrap it up. Although what all of us want to do is read our own books, don’t neglect school for it (do both if you can read multiple at once) Trust a master procrastinator who last year waited until the last week of holidays to do any homework :/

(side note HAPPY 2019 – I hope you all haven’t already given up on your new year’s resolutions! – If you have…it’s not too late to pick it back up again and make a real change 😀 )

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did you say....aLED LAST MY BOY, and I would 1000% read my own books over school books any day. I have a problem where I more often then not skim the first few chapters of my school books and then pick up something else...even if it's a book I like I just can't bring myself to read a book for school -_-

9th Jan, 19

RELATABLE! Why can I read a book in a day for multiple days in a row and then not be able to finish a school book until the day before??????? I can't fangirl over anyone in my school books D:

12th Jan, 19

i have been sTRuGgLinG through ancient greek plays ahhhhhh i want to get back to my comics pls

11th Jan, 19

SAMMME plays just don't live up to the hype unless I'm watching them....

12th Jan, 19